Frequently asked Questions:

How quickly will I get my order? We ship UPS 2nd Day Air® and UPS 2nd Day Ground. We only ship on Monday-Wednesday unless you contact us to arrange something different. You are also welcome to pick up your order! During the check out process you will be offered the option to choose ‘pick up’. We will see your order and contact you to schedule pick up.

Are your cows really 100% full blood with Japanese genetics? YES! All of our Wagyu are DNA verified with the American Wagyu association and each has a pedigree proving that they are 100% full blood Japanese! There is no percentage animals here on our farm! Anything over 50% Wagyu can be called ‘Wagyu’ so don’t be fooled thinking you are getting 100% Wagyu at other farms.

Can I come and visit and see the farm and your beef prior to purchase? Yes, please call for an appointment and we’ll be happy to have you.

Is all of your beef USDA certified? Yes it is and we work with New York Custom Processing located in Bridgewater, NY who is not only USDA but also certified organic and animal welfare approved.

Do you actually hand raise all of your cattle and give no antibiotics, steroids, hormones and no feed with pesticides? YES and NO to antibiotics, steroids, hormones and pesticides or anything else slimy pink or nasty! Our cattle are literally outside our house and in our front yard. At our larger farm in Cortland county our cows have 90 acres of rotational grazing land. Steve goes to the farm daily to feed and this is also where we grow all of our feed (hay and corn silage). Our cow crew are happy, well fed and not stressed—-exactly the way you want them to live!

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