Our philosophy from the beginning was that we weren’t going to move forward unless we were doing it the right way: raise 100% fullblood Japanese Wagyu.

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This meant that we create the best available beef in the world without cutting corners

  • Our animals are fed the best feed and live in the absolute best living conditions. 

  • We have a nutritionist who has formulated our grain specifically for our Wagyu cattle

  • Our hay is tested annually for nutritional content. 

  • Our animals have access to grain, dry hay, bailage, corn silage and fresh water 24 hours a day. 

  • Our cattle are all free range animals who have access to shelter 24 hours a day and during appropriate weather they have access to forage. 

  • Our farm has 225 acres where 90 are split into 15 acre areas of rotational grazing.  We have 11 acres where we feed mainly grain, dry hay and bailage with forage when available. 

  • We are strategic and very careful to focus efforts on the ‘marbling window’ which is during the ages of 18-24 months.

  • We have a traveling veterinarian available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and an embryologist for our embryo transfers (to make our babies).

We have taken great, meticulous care to create the absolute best beef in the world!

Honored to be 1 of only 4 farms in the tri-state area (NY, NJ & CT) raising and selling Full Blood Wagyu!!

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The girls hanging out with their favorite assistant ranch hand

The girls hanging out with their favorite assistant ranch hand